Ron Kensek The Albuquerque Schools Chess League
  League Director: Ronald Kensek - (505) 845-7642

The Albuquerque Schools Chess League (ASCL) is divided into three divisions called the A League, B League, and C League. The A League is for high school teams, the B League is for middle school teams, and the C League is for elementary school (K-5) teams.

There are six tournament nights during the course of the season, with one round played each evening. The competition is between 5-player teams, with the team winning the most games winning the round. The A League and B League meet together at the same time and place. Due to it's large growth, the C League is hosted by two separate schools for each meet.

The pairings are based on the "Swiss" system which attempts to match teams with similar point scores. As the league progresses, the stronger teams will end up playing each other to determine the final standings. Also, the teams which are struggling will also be matched against teams in a similar situation.

Final Standings for 2014



2008-09 A & B League Schedule (7-9PM)
Meet Date   Place   Status
 1st   Wed. Oct. 29, '08   Eldorado (one site for HS/MS) Conf
 2nd   Tues. Nov. 18, '08   Del Norte HS / Wilson MS Conf/Conf
 3rd   Thurs. Dec. 04, '08   Del Norte HS / Jefferson MS Conf
 4th   Tues. Jan. 13, '09   Cibola HS / Desert Ridge MS  Conf/Conf
 5th   Thurs. Jan. 29, '09   Sandia HS / Wilson MS Conf/Conf
 6th   Wed.. Feb. 11, '09   Sandia Prep (one site) Conf

2008-09 C League Schedule (6:30-8PM
Meet Date   Place   Status
 1st   Tues. Oct. 14, '08   Wherry ES (one site) Conf
 2nd   Wed.. Nov. 12, '08   Shepherd Lutheran / Dennis Chavez ES Conf/Conf
 3rd   Tues. Dec. 09, '08   Eldorado HS / Double Eagle ES  Conf/Conf
 4th   Wed. Jan. 21, '09   Mitchell ES / St. Mary's (Alb) Conf/Conf
 5th   Thurs. Feb. 19, '09   Our Lady of Annunciation (one site) Conf
 6th   Mon. Mar. 9, '09   Alb. Marriott (one site) Conf

Status Codes:  TENT - Tentative   CONF - Confirmed
A & B League rounds will begin at 7 pm. and run until 9 pm.
C League rounds will begin at 6:30 pm. and run until 8 pm.
Please arrive 15-30 min. early and report to your coach.

2008-2009 Champions
A League: Corpus Christi Catholic Home Educators Reges  
B League: Albuquerque Area Home School Quest
C League: Mitchell Mustangs
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